Attic Pest Repeller Noise

One of the ways to get rid of pest from the attic through noise is by the use of ultrasonic pest repeller. Ultrasonic sound is anything above the normal frequency of audible sound, therefore any sound that is above 20,000 hertz is considered ultrasonic. This is used in several fields from medicine to the military. It is now widely used that many manufacturers now use it for pest control that is popularly known as ultrasonic pest repellents. 

Ultrasonic pest repeller is a relatively new invention produced to deter pests from invading homes, by using noise that is not heard by humans or pets, but it is highly dangerous for pests. Ultrasonic pest repellers are designed to emit a consistent noise at a frequency that is too high for humans and pets to hear. The sound waves are designed to distract, annoy and deter household pets such as spiders, cockroaches, rodents etc.

There are so many types of these ultrasonic pest repellents. Some devices use high-pitched sound to drive insects, spiders and rodents away, and some other devices work as repellent by combining ultrasonic sound with electromagnetic fields that are created to deter pests. Therefore if you are someone who wants to avoid chemical forms of pest control, then having an ultrasonic pest repeller is the right choice for your home.


Ultrasonic pest relling devices needs electricity as a source of power to function effectively. It needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, and then it starts to emit a high frequency noise that is hard for humans and pets to hear. The sound and wavelengths emitted by the repeller is designed in such a way that causes physiological response in pests. The main name for it is audiogenic seizure response. The noise disorientate the pests to a point whereby they begin to run in random directions, become confused, convulse and eventually die from cerebral hemorrhaging.

If you are thinking of using electronic repellent for chasing pests out of your attic, then you must follow these guidelines:


In order to achieve best and effective results from using ultrasonic pest repellents is by combining the process with trapping. This is because the sound waves coming from the ultrasonic pest repellents causes the pests to scurry around which will eventually drive them right into the traps you have already set up.


Continued use of this ultrasonic repellent device over a long period makes it lose its effectiveness on pests. This is because pests like rodents become familiar with the sound coming from the devices over time; therefore, the results may be temporary.


Inasmuch as the ultrasonic pest repellent helps to get rid of pests, it also necessary to note that this device cannot totally eradicate rodents and insect pests. Even the research that is done on this device shows some percentage of decrease, which means it might not totally work the way you want it to.


The sound waves coming from the ultrasonic pest repellents are mostly short-range and very weak; therefore it is easily blocked by walls, furniture and corners. To test out the location of the device, simply place a lamp nearer to it, turn off all the other lights, and note the beams and shadows from the lamp. This shows that, the repellent sound waves will only be active where the light reaches.

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